1. How are caregivers selected?

    Caring Hearts actively seeks people who have a passion for helping the elderly and disabled to live independently. Potential caregivers are put through a rigorous hiring process. Not only do we check personal and work references but we run a national and state wide background, an abuse registry, sexual offender registry and felony registry.

  2. Do you train your caregivers?

    Caring Hearts does have a class to train everyday people to become Personal Care Aides (PCA). In this 40 hours of training, PCAs receive CPR training, Continuing Education and training in proper lifting, care and assistance to clients.

    Caring Hearts also trains its employees yearly with an annual Continuing Education of twelve credits. On topics such as HIPAA, Proper Lifting and Body Mechanics, Abuse and so forth.

  3. Will I have a choice as to who comes to my home?

    Yes. Caring Hearts encourages clients to specify their needs and preferences as to who is their caregiver.

  4. Will my family member always receive care from the same caregiver?

    Yes and no.

    We try to make sure there is familiarity at the client's home, occassionally caregivers get sick or have family emergencies. In those events, Caring Hearts sends in another caregiver, who has usually already been to the clients home and orientated with the primary caregiver.

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  1. Do you provide senior services to those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

    Yes. Caring Hearts Home Healthcare provides eldercare and companionship to seniors who may require additional attention and/or personalized long term care and reside in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

  2. What kind of people does your company help?

    Caring Hearts cares for the elderly and disabled population.

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